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Our History

After caring for many ill relatives, Fern saw a growing need for a nursing home in the Alamo area. Alamo Nursing Home opened on November 13, 1955 by founder Fern Enos and her husband Ray. The nursing home began with 18 beds and a small apartment for Fern and Ray. They later built their own home behind the facility where Fern still resides. She makes frequent trips into the facility to make sure the level of care is as she expects.

Over the next several years the facility grew in size to 37 beds. In 1972 the skilled wing was opened and it grew to its present size of 100 beds. By 1976 Alamo was Medicare Certified. In 2007 Alamo Nursing Home added on a Rehabilitation unit, reaching the current facility size.

In the beginning the Enos children helped run the family business, each working in different departments of the facility. This tradition has been carried on, as many of the Enos family have continued to work within the facility. The nursing home continues to be family owned and is now operated by Fern’s granddaughter, Pat Perry as Administrator, Don Preston as part of the Maintenance team, and James Preston as Director of Nursing.