Alamo Nursing Home's 60th Anniversary picnic!

Alamo held a picnic on September 12, 2015 celebrating 60 years. There was lots of food and lots of fun. 

Marcia Holdeman, Certified Activity Director

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Marcia Holdeman is Alamo Nursing Home's full time Certified Activity Director with over 35 years of experience. She oversees a staff of 6 full time activity assistants as well as an active volunteer program that has a solid volunteer base.

Purpose of the Activity Department

It is the purpose of the activity department to provide the opportunity for our clients to continue independent, group, and community involvement. We take past life styles and incorporate them into the present, assisting wherever we can to provide the continuity of the past, making their stay here a homey atmosphere. 
Our activity department offers small, large, and independent programs 7 days a week with full use of activity room, library, solarium, two day rooms, and a relaxing sitting area. Our activity room is accommodated with a full functioning kitchen that allows our residents to make a snack, dessert, or a whole meal with assistance if needed. It is equipped with a washer and dryer allowing residents to feel at home doing laundry.

We offer a wide range of activities and incorporate therapy whenever possible. We bring the community to our facility and our residents to the community. In addition, we have an active Resident Council and Nutritional Committee that meets monthly.

Our goal is to make this time in a persons’ life an opportunity to have fun, overcome and learn to deal with any limitations they may have, while striving to live their life to the fullest.

Activity Programs

· Religious programs – several denominations

· Exercise programs

· Beauty programs

· Cooking and baking

· Games
· Educational trivia, current events

· Picnics

· Holiday Parties

· Sensory stimulation groups

· Seasonal programs

· Scheduled outings

· Outside activities