Our Social Workers

Kay Mero, LBSW, Sue McIlvain, LBSW, and Jessica Martin, SST, offer over three decades of experience in long-term care and rehab settings. Sue and Kay are graduates of Western Michigan University School of Social Work. They work tirelessly to ensure the well-being of Alamo’s residents.

The departments objective is to facilitate the transition to residential care, assess the residents’ emotional, social and psychological strengths, identify problems and needs with the goal of promoting autonomy, advocate for the residents’ rights as well as ensuring their goal of reaching their highest practical level of functioning.

The department also focuses on short term rehabilitation stays. The utilization of the interdisciplinary team affords the best outcome. Social services provide referrals to agencies and services to transition residents back to their prior living arrangements. The social work department promotes self-determination, upholds resident rights, and assures treatment with dignity and respect and ultimately advocates for the resident/family system.
Sue McIlvain, LBSW
Kay Mero, LBSW
Jessica Martin, SST